Re-Energizing Diverse & Inclusive
Real Estate Appraisal Leaders

Your leader for innovation,
reliability, and accuracy.

Through innovative technology and superior service, RSDS has developed valuation experiences that are accurate and dependable while providing the quickest turnaround on service.

Elite Talent


Accurate Valuation


72-Hour Turn-Time

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RSDS is re-energizing the future generation of appraiser leaders. RSDS is on track to hire, train, and employ 500 diverse trainees over the next 5 years in the 25 most populated markets. This will better serve the housing market, preserve the profession, bring a fresh take with new technology and a drive to advance valuation to limits not seen before.

RSDS is built upon a belief that large groups of educated professionals, sharing best practices, can together perform exceptionally with unlimited potential. We use that collaborative thought to invent new valuation technology to streamline the appraisal process and better serve our clients with the fastest turn times, least revisions, and having the highest level of accuracy.