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Our team is your team. When your mission is to be innovative and leading the industry, you need the best people driving your vision forward. You need people who can create strategies that align with your business goals. Get to know your team below.


Robbie Wilson

AQB Certified USPAP Instructor

Robbie Wilson, a graduate of the University of Texas in Real Estate and earning an MBA in Business Finance, has built a life around real estate. Robbie’s experience encompasses building his own real estate company, working as a Consultant for Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, and now the appraisal compliance and risk management leader for RSDS Appraisal Diversity.


Robbie is recognized in the appraisal industry as a subject matter expert on Appraisal Standards and Ethics, FIRREA, Dodd-Frank Act, Government Regulations and Laws, and GSEs mortgage loan underwriting guidelines. Robbie has taught and continues to teach AQB pre-licensing and continuing education courses in Texas, Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Georgia, New Jersey, and Indiana. Robbie currently serves and has served in numerous leadership positions including but not limited to: a former member of the prestigious “Peer Investigative Committee” of the Texas Appraiser Licensing & Certification Board and a current member of “TALCB’s Texas ACE Course Working Group”.


Rici Faller


Rici Faller, originally from Pocatello, ID, and now a Phoenix native, has been appraising for over 20 years in the valley. Before joining RSDS, Rici was looking to reinvent her career and do something different. Immediately Rici flourished with a team of trainees. With her ongoing coaching and mentoring, Rici created the first RSDS-certified appraiser in Arizona and has now been part of an office that continues to graduate elite appraisers that relocate nationwide. 

Randy Moultry


Randy Moultry, originally from Houston, TX, and now a Dallas native, is an experienced professional having more than 30 years of appraisal experience.  Randy’s one-one-one mentoring has gone on to graduate RSDS licensed and certified appraisers. Randy brings a special ingredient to the DFW team: his cooking! Every month you can catch Randy cooking up a seafood, BBQ, or taco buffet for the entire RSDS DFW team.

Adam Newsom

Overland Park

Adam Newsom, originally from St. Louis, MO, and now a Kansas City native, is an experienced professional having 18 years of appraisal experience. Adam’s reason for joining RSDS was to train the next generation of appraisers and watch them become certified in their market. Did you know Adam has created over 10 appraisers in his career? Adam has created appraisers that now reside in Arizona, Kansas, Missouri, and Texas.

Natalie Pirozzi

San Diego

Natalie Pirozzi, a Southern California native, has been appraising for over 20 years. Before joining RSDS, Natalie was feeling burnt out and looking for inspiration. Working with and training a team of appraisers was a unique opportunity that she says changed her appraisal career forever. RSDS allowed her to become a better appraiser, and she realizes today how much she loves teaching.


Nikki Taubin


Nikki Taubin, originally from Overland Park, KS and now a Phoenix native, is a certified graduate. Nikki’s favorite moment with the company was moving across country to open the Phoenix, AZ office. Today Nikki is a leader for this RSDS training market. 

Israel Felix


Israel Felix, originally from Fresno, CA and now a Austin native, is a certified graduate. Israel’s proudest RSDS moment was graduating as the first licensed appraiser in the company. Today Israel has fully upgraded to FHA certified and leading our Austin market. 

Kharon Brown


Kharon Brown, originally from Lawrence, KS and now a Kansas City native, is a certified graduate. Kharon leads the recruitment of RSDS trainee’s and staff appraisers. Kharon’s proudest moments are representing RSDS with future leaders during interviews or client meetings. 

Jordan Chapman


Jordan Chapman, originally from Phoenix, AZ and now a San Diego native, is a licensed graduate. Jordan’s proudest RSDS moment besides graduating as a licensed appraiser is traveling the country to develop the RSDS team and help strengthen our relationship with client partners. 

Trint Campbell


Trint Campbell, originally from Detroit, MI and now a Dallas native, is a licensed graduate. Trint’s favorite moment was interviewing with the company and knowing it was the place to be.  He is proud that RSDS provided him an opportunity to grow and develop as quality appraiser. 

Cory Taubin


Cory Taubin, originally from Overland Park, KS and now a Phoenix native, is a certified graduate. Cory leads the client engagement and success of RSDS. Cory’s proudest moments are meeting with clients to understand their needs while representing RSDS at national conferences. 

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