RSDS Appraisal Diversity AND
Department of Defense
SkillBridge Partnership

October 30, 2023

RSDS Appraisal Diversity, a national real estate appraisal firm, is proud to announce its partnership with the Department of Defense (DoD) Skillbridge program. This strategic alliance provides unparalleled opportunities for transitioning service members, enabling them to gain valuable civilian work experience through specific industry training, apprenticeships, or internships during the last 180 days of service.


RSDS Appraisal Diversity was created to help solve a 30+ year problem in the appraisal profession – the barrier to entry. The current system has created a labor shortage and lacks youth, diversity, inclusion, and military service members. RSDS strives to create the next generation of professional appraisers while providing high-paying careers for deserving people who may be “blocked” out of the system. With that as the vision, we set out to develop a solution to the problem in hopes of forever changing the industry and providing an exceptional client experience.


Each year, approximately 200,000 members of the U.S. Armed Forces, stationed in over 140 military installations in the U.S. and overseas, will separate from active duty.  History tells us that too many of these transitioning Service Members will struggle to find employment after leaving the Military. The DoD SkillBridge program is an opportunity for Service members and Military Spouses to gain valuable civilian work experience through specific industry training, apprenticeships, or internships.  Military members can participate in SkillBridge during the last 180 days of service, and Spouses may take part while their partner serves on Active Duty.


“We are incredibly proud to partner with the Department of Defense SkillBridge program,” said Randy Flowers, President of Operations at RSDS Appraisal Diversity. “This collaboration strengthens our commitment to supporting our military community and empowers us to engage highly skilled, disciplined, and dedicated individuals. Together, we are creating a robust workforce ready to face the challenges of the future.”


The RSDS Appraisal Diversity DoD Skillbridge program is an opportunity for service members to gain valuable civilian work experience through on-the-job training, apprenticeships, and internships. “We are thrilled to expand our real estate valuation education program, a comprehensive initiative designed to empower aspiring appraisal professionals with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in the real estate industry, said Courtnie Cathers, Vice President of Training Development. This program underscores our commitment to fostering talent, driving innovation, and shaping the future of real estate valuation.” RSDS Appraisal Diversity is excited to be a part of this initiative, providing opportunities for service members to gain hands-on experience in the real estate valuation industry.


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