State Requirements

Regulation: Miss. Admin. Code 30-1501:11.6 Experience.


State Site:


Solo Inspection Required: No Solo b/c they cannot sign


License Type: Appraiser Intern


Solo Inspection Details: Per Title 30 Part 1501 Chapter 10 Rule 11.6 (b) – The State Certified Supervisory Appraiser shall be responsible for the training and direct supervision of the Appraiser trainee by:  (a) Accepting all responsibility for the appraisal and the report by signing and certifying that the report is in compliance with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) and that the Appraiser Intern did not provide significant real property appraisal assistance.  (b) Personally inspecting and being physically present at each appraised property with the Appraiser Trainee, if an inspection is required.  (c) Sign all appraisals signed by the Appraiser Intern as the supervisory appraiser.


Requirements to be a Supervisor: 3 years certified appraising experience and complete Supervisor course, sign affidavit.


Requirements to get Trainee Hours: 15-hour USPAP, 60 hours of appraisal coursework, Trainee class, apply online HERE. and fill out the application HERE.


Application Cost: $50

Note: States update regulations frequently. Please ensure you go to the state website to verify requirements. Additionally, please follow your applicable state requirement standards set by the Appraiser Qualification Board (AQB).  

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